Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steampunk, Industrial Chic and Halloween Decor!

Well, here we are back at Marci's for your Halloween Treat!!  Marci continues to transition from Paris Apartment to Industrial Chic, aka Steampunk and I LOVE it. 

Its been a while since the stars have aligned in a way that meant we could get together at her house.  I had run into her a few times, you know at the antique store, the second hand store and the antique show and she was keeping up to speed on her current projects.  I was so excited to get to see all the great things I was hearing about, so during our Last Antique Show, Bruce gave me the nod to head off for a bit, since Marci's house was so close.

The great Victorian Etagere to the left is brim full of old cameras, photo equipment, old photos, and lovely old books without their backs, a specialty of Marci's.  She chooses just the right old books so the spine has a  wonderfully aged patina.
This great old metal cart from a factory, complete with its wire basket drawers is really the star of the show, or should I say A star of the show.  She has the baskets full of old black and white game pieces.  The fabulous old phone was her find of finds at the Last Walter Larsen show.  Perfect!!

 Marci does a lot with watches, clocks, clock faces and gears.  This great old mannequin looks rather dapper with his collection of old ribbon, watches and his jauntily tilted top hat.

During our visit I 'accussed' her of having at least a hundred clocks, faces, and watches in the room.  She declared that I was wrong... and while I whispered counted them all, she kept saying "I can hear you!"  It was rather funny and she was right, she had somewhere around 60, all charming and all an integral part of her Industrial Chic decor!!

And now, remember that I promised you Halloween Decor too?  Well here we go.  If you are squeamish, prepare yourself.

Our Divine decorator worked in some creepy elements.  This typewriter display on her 'coffee table' seemed like the perfect place for a dismembered hand, don't you think it was the 'perfect touch'? .  The rat on the top of the typewriter to the left also adds ambiance, don't you think?

But inviting a skeleton into your parlor is just the thing for a autumn afternoon chat.  And if he brings um, shall we say, a couple of friends along for the chat, well then, the more the merrier, right?  (You will also note more clocks and coverless books on the shelf to his left.)

But I saved the best for last.  This other skeleton friend is sitting on Marci's mantel.  He is a true book worm, you may notice that he is wearing spectacles and has a book propped up for a little afternoon intellectual stimulation.  The certificates behind him on the mirror are actual penal institution paperwork, that have been hand calligraphied, presumably by prisoners.  I have enlarged them below.  Please note the the large word 'report' is actually made up of drawings of little prisoners in striped suits. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit to the 'ever amazing' Marci's house.  I know that I did.  Thanks Marci dear!!