Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trash to Treasure - Steampunk!

 We were putting together a Steampunk display at the antique mall, yes, we are that cool!!  ;-)  I wanted to put the section of Victorian iron fence over the sofa, another dealer wanted to put a mirror over it, though the mirror she wanted was just wrong ... 
Then I thought, if we had a rustic mirror we could hang the iron fence on top of the mirror, a third dealer said he had the perfect mirror .... and indeed he did.  Voila!!  I love this look!!  If you do too, its for sale at Treasures Antiques in Springville.


  1. Brilliant, sis! but but but
    Still thinkin' it needs another element (threes are nicer than twos?). Comes to mind a clown or Perot. . . Marionette?

    OK, I'll be quiet, and just slink on up to bed. Maybe I'll be all better in the morning, lol!


  2. Great idea sis and if it was at home I would likely do just that.