Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Beehive Bazaar Once More

Once more it is time for Wednesday's Wanderings, and for once I am actually sharing something that happened on Wednesday, last Wednesday to be exact.
 I know I have mentioned my super talented friend Jennifer before.  One thing about Jenn is that she is creative in so many different ways.  She works in theater, so I always find out about awesome gigs, whether its a play, musical performance or even ballet.
Last week she was setting up for a fabulous boutique, called the Beehive Bazaar, that she has been doing for several years.  Jenn's stuff is a lot of fun, sometimes it just out there and unexpected.  Like the red and white necklace to the left.  I

would have added another red bob on the right, the extra white one is just fun and surprising.  She did a couple of necklaces with vintage enameled pins too. I love them!

She brought antique shoe form lamps, like the one she and her husband designed for their home after seeing one in an Anthropolgie catalogue, as well as more of her funky birthday crowns and hats.

Her collection of vintage trims are always a hit with buyers.  She has such a great eye!!  She also works in great vintage and modern fabrics, which really pack a punch in decor.  Don't you just love the orange wire display basket?  She found this great piece at our flea.o.logy sale last week!! 

She made these fun button bracelets, and here is another view of a couple of her necklaces.  It was so fun to get together and help her set up, not that she really needs help, but it was just fun to be there. 

I was so charmed by her booth setup, that I even forgot to take pictures of the wonderful items other dealers were setting out for the sale that started the next day.  As I said the Beehive Bazaar always has amazing stuff, their selection of dealers is based on the unusual craft ideas that each produces, which always makes it a really great experience .... this boutique is NOT your mother's craft show!!  Thanks for coming along, if you live along the Wasatch Front in Utah, you may want to check out their show before Christmas!!


  1. Oh shoot...I missed it! I didn't even know it was on! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! xo

  2. Give us a little heads up for the next one. It sounds like it would be lots of fun. Mimi

    1. Will do ... for now, just know it will be early December.