Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friday's Favorite: Lace Edge Puncher!

For my Friday Favorite today, I am going to share a favorite tool.  It you look at the three pictures to the right you will notice one thing they all have in common.

The invitation, the hang tag and the springtime flower pot all share paper lace in the same pattern.  I am a big fan of paper lace, and the thing I love about this pattern is that it was made by a punch that allows you to repeat the procedure two 'flower' elements at a time until you have a lace edge on whatever you desire.

I have always loved paper lace, so finding my Martha Steward brand lace edger was really exiting for me.  I even figured out how to make continuous lace, that I can use in making the lingerie for my paper mache mannequins in the future.

I found that by using register tape I could make the lace as long as I like.
 You can see my Martha Steward brand lace edger to the left in its storage position.
When in use you flip down the sides to help in positioning your paper for a continuous punched pattern.  If you love paper lace as much as I do, you will find owning one of these to be very hand and versatile.  They come in different brands and patterns. Thanks for coming along and sharing one of my favorites!

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