Monday, March 4, 2013

Trash to Treasure - French Laundry Press

Well, I just finished up a great weekend, filled with dinner dates with friends, lunch with my daughters and lots and lots of work.  I spent much of my free time getting an apartment ready for rent, but there is one good thing that came of that .... the empty apartment gave me a warm spot to paint this tall cupboard. I really miss being able to paint furniture over the winter ... but spring is almost here!

This is how the cupboard looked when I found it at an estate sale.  The door was broken, and whatever was originally in the window was missing.  My DH repaired the door, and I filled the splintered wood with wood putty.


First I deglossed the mahogany finish, as it was still in pretty good shape and new paint would not have stayed put.  Then I filled the window with a diamond shaped mesh. 
 Last of all I transferred this great French Clothier's signage onto the front of the door.  It mentions all kinds of French unmentionables, and I thought the cupboard would be perfect for someone to use as a lingerie cupboard ... of course it could also be used as a linen press!

As usual, I am indebted to Graphics Fairy for the great signage.  Karen has a remarkable selection of various French business signs, labels, logos and letterheads, all of which look great on painted furniture.  I am still trying to decide if I should rough it up a bit to give it some 'age' and patina?  What do you think?
Thanks for coming along to check out my latest reinvention project!


  1. Love how the cupboard came out.Maybe rough it up a bit:)
    Happy Brag Monday.

  2. you did a great job - I love it as it is
    from a Brag Monday neighbour


  3. I myself, love "age" and "patina"...

  4. Very pretty! I think...rough it up a little!

  5. Some dark edges would be nice...but it is beautiful as it is. So whichever way you will be how you like it best. =D

  6. I like your projects! Wish I had your craftiness!

  7. so gorgeous and you inspired me! I have an old wooden ironing board... {about to be transformed} Thanks and have a great spring day!

  8. This is beautiful and one of my favorite graphics. Great job.


    1. Thanks Cynthia, not sure why I love the old handlettered labels like this one, but I do!! Maybe it was all that fiddling with hand writing in Junior High when I was trying to find my 'style'!

  9. Hey all, I think I cam going with the majority and will rough it up a bit ... look for it as a side note in a future blog post!! And thanks for your imput!

  10. Love it! AND the perfect graphic for it! Mimi

  11. Just stunning...I love that graphic! I love the little key embellishment too...sweet touch!

    I've been playing with graphics as well lately. We are all indebted to Karen from GF!:)