Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Foreign Orphans Find a Home

 Thought I would share a quick and whimsical project with you today ...

 I've had these orphan salt and pepper shakers for several years ... and I still pick them up if I see them.  I love the 'dolls of all nations' look about them, but have never been able to figure out a cute way to display them ..

Tonight when I was looking at them, I thought, 'small world', which reminded me that I have a few different size globes, and decided to use one inside this cloche dome ...  At first I put them on a glass platform, but that made the globe touch the top of the dome ... as you can see to the right.
Next I put them on the dome base, which made the globe just the right height ... and voila!  By rearranging stuff I had on hand I have a whimsical decor piece that I know my grand kids are going to love... and I love that my little foreign orphans now have a home!!


  1. Paula I love your orphans! Now I really need to go to Disneyland for my Small World fix. When I was a teenager I started collecting orphan salt and pepper shakers shaped like fruits and vegetables. I still have most of them.